A Word From Our Sponsor

I have been without any inspiration at all in what to blog about these last few days. Hearing this, my partner decided to give his two cents’ worth.

I introduce…my partner.

Since my beloved had no inspiration whatsoever today, I thought the time was right for a small guest contribution!
First of all, if my English isn’t entirely up to standards, I do apologize; but you have to know that it isn’t my native language. Since I’m not planning on making regular appearances I thought it would be best to just keep it simple and limit myself to some of the more funnier experiences that I had while living with a Filipino-American.

While in Holland my partner has shared many different impressions with me about what it means for him to live here. Some of the things didn’t really surprise me, like how he misses large shopping malls, certain types of food, and the fact that almost everything is cheaper in the U.S; but some of the things did, for example his criticism on Dutch manners, particularly in shops, restaurants etc. On the upswing I was also surprised how he, in the early days of our relationship didn’t seem to get enough of visiting old little towns and villages. I always thought that most historical Dutch towns sort of look alike, but I guess I was wrong, at least to some part.

His love for historic Dutch towns shows a higher level of cultural interest which is also apparent whenever we venture into a museum. In most cases I’m the one who’s sort of rushing through the corridors and then discreetly (or not so discreetly) makes a final push towards the exit, even though I sometimes feel that he could easily spend another hour or two extra. But in all honesty this is not really a cultural difference as much as it is a personal one. What I do think is a cultural difference is his deep interest in everything that is current in the Philippines. It doesn’t matter if it’s sport, entertainment, politics, or even beauty pageants, he takes a genuine interest in everything that comes from his home turf. From what I could see, this kind of (strong) interest is very common among his fellow Pinoy friends, although I’m not sure if this has something to do with the fact that almost all of them live outside of the country. We Dutch are much much more introvert when it comes to showing any form of patriotism, perhaps with the exception of our national soccer team. My partner frequently complained about the Dutch kitchen, and rightfully so, but in all fairness, allow me to also say that I haven’t found much food to my tasting when it comes to the Filipino kitchen, although my partner would probably tell you that this is because I haven’t shown any genuine interest. Having said all this, the most striking thing for me is how, despite our very different backgrounds, we seem to have so much in common, like our cynical sense of humor, our relaxed attitude towards life, and, not in the least bit, our love for one another…

And that ladies and gentlemen was a quick word from our sponsor.
Thanks, schat! And ditto (:

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