Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Why oh why, Netherlands.

For the entire time we’ve lived here, we would more often than not pass by the Sloterplas, an artificial lake close to our flat. It’s actually a pretty lake and even has its own fountain, much like that one in Switzerland. And for the entire time as well, would always pass by the Chinese restaurant in the building that seemed to hang over the lake. Not being too crazy about Chinese food, I just nodded the several times my partner said we should try it sometime.Tonight was the night. The restaurant turned out to be big, and quite fancy it caught me by surprise. I didn’t think there was a market here for uppity Chinese food. So we sat down and I didn’t know whether to feel excited about this new experience or anxious about paying too much for just Chinese food.


The owner sure does like pink.

After two dimsum appetizers, two wonton soups, three main dishes, fried rice, and two desserts of ice cream and fruit, we were stuffed. It was a meal fit for a king — or two queens in this case. The food was all very good, and the service was too surprisingly. And while our dinners out normally take as long as a half-hour work lunch, this time around we had a leisurely time mixed in with some lively  conversation. We were the first customers to come in for dinner but the tables quickly filled up by the time we left.This country being what it is, I didn’t expect the damage to be commensurate to the experience. And sadly I wasn’t disappointed. In U.S. dollar terms, we paid $100 total. For Chinese!! 
Why oh why, Netherlands.


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