The Company I Keep

So I just got the news that my work contract is extended until end of the year. My original five-weeks has been extended to 4 months. Whew!! What a relief it is to take away some of the anxiety about the future.
And it isn’t only that but a lot of other things to love about my company:

I can come to work anytime between 8 and 9:30 am. It says a lot about a company that lets its employees decide their own schedule.

The people are expectedly professional. There are a handful of exceptions but the clear majority are there to work, know how to dress, and appear to know what they’re doing.

In all my professional life, I have never worked for a company that gave away free lunch – I now have a small idea how it feels to work for Google. And with lunch I mean two hot soups, a meat dish, a vegetarian dish, salad bar (with eight choices), a do-it-yourself sandwich bar, and drinks (soda, juice, iced tea). For dessert (or any time of the day really) there’s fresh fruits (bananas, kiwis, pears, apples). How amazing is that.

The panoramic view from the cafeteria floor. There’s even a telescope we can use.

There’s a company-subsidized in-house café and pastry shop. An order of fresh juice and a chocolate croissant would run €2 total.

There’s a ping-pong table. Or foosball if you prefer.

I can put on a pair of headphones and listen to music while I work. Just today I was able to listen to Madonna’s full MDNA concert and the entire Wicked musical as filmed (illegally) on Broadway. Thank you, Youtube.

Absolutely no stress at all especially when compared to the living nightmare of a job that I had before. I can hear more laughter in this office than in any job I can remember. People are actually happy to be there.

So what more can I possibly ask for? If I can get a permanent contract I’d be the happiest camper. That or a winning lotto ticket.

2 thoughts on “The Company I Keep

  1. “and I thank a good friend, for climbing all 6 monasteries, and lighting a candle in each one of them. I tell you, prayers can move mountains. And more. ” 🙂


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