CAFÉ D•E | Amsterdam

When I was much younger we had Nescafé instant coffee (with matching Coffeemate). All it took was hot water.
If anyone in my family came back from California or made the journey to Cash & Carry there would always be Taster’s Choice brought back. My parents loved those things.
Never did get addicted to the taste of coffee growing up but that may be due more to the quality of either brand than anything else. We already had one of those coffee makers (Mr Coffee!) but that didn’t really make the experience any better for me.
When I moved to the States and got introduced to actual coffee shops, I still didn’t see the point. Only much later on did I get it – that coffee can actually taste good, jolt me awake, and in a few cases make me a bit hyper. I only have Starbucks to thank for that. Have never been a coffee purist so I didn’t mind all the frou-frou that came along with it. In fact I rather enjoyed having whipped cream on my coffee.


Over here, it’s Douwe Egberts country – though Starbucks has recently and finally made a push to be seen more. The apple pie I got wasn’t too exciting – thank goodness my partner finished it off. The coffee drink was delicious, but for €4.30 not worth the value. I would definitely go back but more than likely just for a simple cappuccino. It’s nice to reminisce about the olden days but I sure am glad I’m no longer in the 80s, coffee-wise at least.

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