It seems to be a fairly common thing over here for desk workers to get 15 minute breaks, once in the morning and one in the afternoon. Most use that time to step out for some fresh air or walk around the block or so. While that was one thing I never did at my previous company, I decided for the first time yesterday to join some colleagues during one of their walks. It turned out to be a great idea. What little stress I had before had disappeared and my head cleared.

I did another walk on my own today and absolutely enjoyed the fantastic weather. This city can really be beautiful at times.

Very close by our building is this fancy bridge called the Blauwbrug which wouldn’t look out of place at all in Paris. Reading about it, apparently that was the inspiration. And just across this bridge is the Hermitage which we went to last weekend, next to the Opera House and the Amstel Hotel. Love the neighborhood we’re in – will be taking more of those head-clearing walks for sure.

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