Rating: 3 out of 5.

It wasn’t the best weather to go out in but we decided to anyway. I was that bored.
After googling for a brunch place, we went off to the city center to find this one restaurant. When we got there it turned out the owner was on a one week break so the place was closed (why they don’t mention this factoid on their web site’s homepage is incredibly stupid). Since my partner was in the mood for pancakes, I suggested we go to the cafe at the Amsterdam Historical Museum. So off we went.


If there was any place for Dutch pancakes, this was it. Having had it here before, I was in the mood for something else though. Went ahead and ordered the beef burger which turned out just okay. Can’t say I’d come back for anything but pancakes but I do love the history of the place – the building was founded way back in the 1400s apparently. Wow.
As to that other place, I’ll give it another try next time. They better make it good though.

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