I hate hate hate it when museums don’t allow photographs to be taken. If great museums like the Louvre and British Museum allow it I don’t see any valid reason why others won’t. Even the local Rijksmuseum recently changed its policy in favor of photography. My guess is that it’s mainly economic, that is, so more people will end up buying stuff from the museum store. Anyway, it wasn’t a nice introduction to a supposedly good museum.

That didn’t stop us from trying though.


It was June 2009 when the Hermitage in St Petersburg opened a dependency (basically an extension) in Amsterdam, along the Amstel river. It’s located in a former old folk’s home, the Amstelhof, which dates back to 1681. Unfortunately, the Hermitage experience wasn’t worth the price of admission. There was a temporary exhibit of Impressionist masters from the Russian Hermitage collection but it was quite small, and the two permanent exhibits weren’t that impressive. I hope institutions like these soon realize how to better gauge their value so as not to risk turning off people from art and art appreciation. And for goodness sake, let people take photographs! Two thumbs down and a rotten tomato for the Hermitage.

2 thoughts on “THE HERMITAGE | Amsterdam

  1. No, they no longer had that. I think I should have waited until the end of September when the main works from Van Gogh museum will be there temporarily while it's being renovated. It would have made the experience more worthwhile.


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