BATAVIA STAD 2012 | Lelystad

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

There is actually a decent outlet mall in the Netherlands. I’m reminded of Barstow in California.Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to get to as it’s 70 kms away. The place is called Batavia Stad – Batavia being the name given to Jakarta, Indonesia which was a Dutch colony at some point. There are about 250 stores so I was sure to find a few I liked.

To make sure our budget got stretched as far as possible, it was Mickey D’s this time. Haven’t been there in a while anyway.

Not long after we got there the damage was done. Much like going to a casino, the dealer always wins. On the way out we saw this cool bungee trampoline thing. Definitely something that would have been fun to do when I was a kid.


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