Eye Film Museum Amsterdam

I seem to end up reading about something before actually getting to see that thing in person.
Have always wondered what the huge white building being constructed across the river from the train station was. Turned out it’s a museum…and a fairly nice one at that.
It’s called the Eye Film Institute Netherlands, ‘Eye’ referring to the river Ij flowing in front of it. Even though I’m in the market for a good pair of spectacles, thankfully it wasn’t an optical museum.

The Eye opened just a few months ago this past spring and focuses on film culture and heritage, both Dutch and foreign. It even has auditoriums for showing old and currently released movies. One of the films on the calendar in fact is Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D…in Dutch of course.
Mainly due to the beautiful weather, the open-air terrace turned out to be one of the best waterside-terraces I’ve seen in this country. Though not so much a film buff, I did appreciate the architecture and the surrounding calm. If anything else, those were reasons enough to cross the mighty Ij.

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