Who Doesn’t Want Responsible Parenthood

All this talk about the Reproductive Health Bill in facebook is reaching fever pitch. Fair question asked is – should the RH Bill be passed?

Disclosure: I was raised a catholic – was educated in a catholic grade school and high school – but am no longer practicing it (I remember one of the first things I learned in my one and only Alliance Francaise course 20 years ago was Je suis catholique non-pratiquant. How fortuitous was that).
I am a gay man living in a developed country far from the Philippines where I was born and am no longer technically Filipino.

My thoughts on the bill:

Allowing a higher chance for a better quality of life for ALL members of the family is what I see as the main benefit of this bill. For anyone who wants to see the Philippines progress, allowing the poorer members of society the option to plan their families would be a step in the right direction.

I recall a gritty BBC program called Toughest Place to Be… where a London bus driver was brought to the Philippines to learn how to be a jeepney driver. While doing this, he sees the living conditions in the poorest areas of the city and discovers in horror how they recycle food garbage and resell it. The recycled food garbage is called pagpag. When I was growing up pagpag meant to shake something off to make it less dusty/dirty. How that word now translates to food treatment is disturbing.

For individual achievements, idealism is possible. However, one man’s idealism is another man’s tuna sandwich. For a group to progress, idealism needs to take a backseat. Idealism needs to turn into realism. Is it better to preach education and restraint? In an ideal world certainly. Unfortunately that is not the world the Philippines lives in. The RH Bill is not perfect. Nothing and nobody is perfect.

I am tired of seeing naked children wandering the streets asking for alms instead of being in school. I am tired of seeing groups of children sniffing rugby. I am tired of seeing whole families sleeping on cardboard mats. I am tired of seeing children defecating in public.

I refuse to be dictated to and judged by any church. Especially when faced by this kind of ignorance.

I am for the passage of the RH bill.

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