Rating: 4 out of 5.
There are no malls in the Netherlands. I still have to get used to saying that.

In the States, I would go to the mall and just drift aimlessly. Over here if there was any such place where I can get lost in, it could only be the Bijenkorf. Dutch for ‘beehive’, it’s the only real department store in the Amsterdam, and the local equivalent of Rustan’s or Bloomies.
On the top floor is the Bijenkorf Kitchen, an eatery with quick meals and desserts and a place to just while the time away.

The Bijenkorf started operating as far back as 1870 and moved to its current location along busy Damrak in 1912. Impressively, despite two world wars, they’re still around. Even the shopping stores here have history!
Always a pleasure to stop and grab some nosh. If only everyday was chocolate cake day.

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