DUTCH HOUSES | Kasteel de Haar

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The most impressive Dutch castle so far. The romantic and medieval Castle de Haar or Kasteel de Haar is named after the owners, the de Haar family, with the entire estate covering 135 acres. The castle foundations date back to the 14th century but after suffering from fire and neglect over the centuries, it was reconstructed in the Neo-Gothic style in the late 19th century using part of the Rothschild fortune.

When it reopened, the castle had 200 rooms, electrical lighting, central heating, a lift, hot and cold running water, all unheard of at the time that it even outdid the royal family. It was the biggest and most luxurious castle in the Netherlands.

It does come across as a true fairy-tale castle, and it should after all the money that was poured into it. The castle was given to the Castle de Haar Foundation with one condition – that future Barons are allowed use of the estate for the month of September. The current Baron does this by inviting jet set personalities to stay over, and it’s so luxurious Dutch nobility aren’t likely to be there because they consider the excesses too ‘over-the-top’.
Real housewives of Holland?


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