GAY PRIDE 2012 | Amsterdam

It’s Pride Weekend and it’s crazy as in past years with lots of weird-looking and weird-acting people in the already crowded streets and canals. The weather’s a bit loco as well. One moment it’s sunny, the next it’s pouring rain, then sunny again, and then more rain. I can’t recall seeing this kind of schizophrenic weather ever.
The festivities started in a little corner off the Westerkerk (Western Church) on the same block where Anne Frank’s house is located, in a small stage where bit acts played to the crowd. The highlight is a canal parade comprising 80 boats later in the afternoon. The boaters run the gamut of small GLBT organizations, to large companies (YouTube/Google), to even local and national government groups (think Ministry of Defense).

I remember Pride Weekends in Washington DC and thinking what a world away they were from the reality-constricted and religion-choked society that is the Philippines. Also got to see smaller ones in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The most disturbing one expectedly was San Francisco. The best was the one in New York – amazing to experience the happy atmosphere in one of the world’s greatest cities. The parade alone lasted the whole afternoon!
It’s a good day to be proud…but sadly not for people’s fashion choices. As much as I would like to be supportive, I can’t help but feel annoyed by these men in full (clown-thick) make-up, wearing clothes that wouldn’t look out of place on a corner streetwalker. My motto’s always been live and let live, but really, why would anyone want to look that way in public. If their point is all about freedom, I think I’ll pass.

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