Today commemorates the time when Anne Frank was captured by the Nazis. Anne was a Jewish girl of 13 who with her family hid inside secret rooms in an office building along the Princes Canal in Amsterdam. She could not go out at all, had to remain quiet at all times, and was always in fear of being discovered and arrested…for being Jewish. They did this for 2 years.

There were a total of 8 people living in secret on the top floor of the building. In cramped quarters, they made do but with a lot of difficulty. Anne’s diary was her escape from the impossible conditions she lived and breathed in.

It’s easy to be glib about this by saying it would have been better for her if she had a PSP or a Twitter account but having seen what it was like for her, touching the bookshelf that hid the door to their living quarters, and taking in the sad state of how she lived makes her experience more personal and palpable. Despite her short life, she was able to share so much about the dark reality of the world around her. I only hope her testimony can be a life lesson to all of us.

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