Lean On Me

First it was the Tower of Pisa, now it looks like one of the largest and most famous examples of Roman architecture, the Colosseum in Rome, is also leaning.

These Italians sure know how to build them well.
Just kidding.

According to the news, ‘the ancient Colosseum of Rome, where gladiators fought for their lives, is slanting about 40 cm (16 inches) lower on the south side than on the north, and authorities are investigating whether it needs urgent repairs.’

I remember my first time seeing this back in 2009 and being awe-struck. It was one of those things I’d only read and heard about, it was something from antiquity that I finally got to touch and see in person. Being inside the Colosseum felt surreal as I tried to imagine what the Romans watched and cheered for, and what the gladiators felt before going to battle. Seeing it for a second time several months later still gave me goosebumps. Just get rid of those tacky pseudo-Roman soldiers waiting to be photographed and the experience would be perfect.
I hope they do find a way to fix any structural problems as the Colosseum is one of those enduring symbols of what humanity can do, be it good, or bad.

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