Flying the Low-Cost Skies

Are all LCCs made equal?
I recently flew on Transavia, an LCC or low-cost carrier owned by KLM. It was basically a bus with wings. While the price was attractive, there are just too many downsides to an LCC.
While I was given a 10 kg allowance for hand-carry luggage, for a 16 days trip it certainly wouldn’t be enough that is unless I decide to launder my clothes at some point. So I opted to bring a larger bag to check-in. For an extra bag with maximum weight of 20 kg, cost 30 Euros. First time I’d ever done such a thing.
For the 3-hour plane ride, no food was served. BUT they had food for sale. The health-conscious person that I am, I looked for the best option I could see on the menu. Ranging from sandwiches to do-it-yourself noodles, most of it was pre-packaged meals. I ended up with a bag of M&Ms and a diet soda. 6 Euros total. Thank goodness it was only a 3-hour flight.
The seats were clearly not standard, cushions a bit on the thin side, and the legroom just a tad over my comfort level. With my 5’10” frame I’m already on the small side for this part of the world so I wonder how the average and above average would fare.

It’s nice to have options like LCCs when looking to travel. However when the time comes I only hope I can afford to go with a full-service carrier. Can’t even imagine bearing the same conditions on a 12-hour flight to Los Angeles, or worse a 20-hour flight to Manila!
And speaking of full-service carriers, Philippine Airlines (the first company I ever worked for and holds a special place in my heart) seems to be planning on flying again to Europe, more specifically Paris. Back to the glory days of PAL – fantastic news! From Amsterdam to Paris, then non-stop to Manila sounds good to me.

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