Tim Gunn is Back!

I’m 8 minutes into the first episode of Project Runway’s season 10 and I am already annoyed by how eccentric these new designers are. Where does this weirdness ferment from? And I hate people that play to the camera.
There’s only room for one star in the sky and that’s me‘ says a nasally, weaselly character named Gunnar Deatherage (really?) who seems to enjoy his time in the spotlight too much.
I don’t shop, I’m a freegan (as opposed to vegan)…it means that I get my food out of the dumpsters‘ according to Fabio Costa from Brazil. Wild.
There’s Lantie Foster from Northern California who narcissistically introduces herself as 38 years old, slashing 10 years from reality…and pretending to be tongue-in-cheek about it.
And then there’s Kooan Koseku with the distracting afro and glasses that are too big for his face, a Japanese guy who’s awkward and wacky in the opposite-of-cute sort of way. Easily has the most contrivedly weird way of dressing that would turn puzzled heads even in Harajuku.
Have to say that the show is slicker than I remember from previous seasons. Good job, Lifetime.
I’m actually glad the original Project Runway is back. I remember watching episodes of Project Runway All Stars (with Angela Lindvall) feeling disappointed that the spark was gone and thinking what a mistake it was to replace the entire cast. Thank goodness for some guilty pleasure over the summer.
Fashion can be the most useless industry or it can be the most inspiring. It altogether depends on the one telling the story. For season 10 there seems to be a few reasons to be hopeful for the latter.

Oh, and Kooan made it through this round. One of the normal looking ones, Beatrice Guapo, was out.
And what’s the trend for this season? It seems to be irony, as the great Michael Kors goes on to say ‘Fashion is not for sissiiiiieeeesss…

Photo courtesy of Lifetime

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