Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m back in the Netherlands and back to the normal routine.
My partner Teko somehow discovered a national park. Not that they’re hard to miss but it appears they’re not that well-advertised.
Zuid-Kennemerland is a national park 20 kms west of our flat and covers 38 square kms bordering the North Sea. Teko thought it was a good idea to show me the park and walk around the dunes and forests. So we went.


Even the cows are blond.
If ever there was a gorgeous day for a walk in the park, this was it. It was a perfectly sunny 20 degree Celsius with a light cool breeze. We must have walked 5 kms just wandering around the dunes, mini-forests and the man-made lake. While I had to stop a couple of times to catch my breath, Teko had no problems whatsoever and could’ve walked another 10. At the end of the trek he made sure to reward us by stopping at the Parnassia aan Zee, the restaurant facing the North Sea, for some cake and refreshment. The food was good but the view was even better.
Much as I like to give grief about the weather in this country, it can be glorious at times. I just wish it were less gray and more glory.


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