Rating: 4 out of 5.

Tempering expectations is the key to satisfaction. This may sound defeatist but it seems to work in most cases.
It was dinner time and instead of researching online for our next meal, we decided to walk around Plaka to survey the landscape. It was easy enough to avoid the usual tourist traps – it had to be off the beaten track, hawkers are a no-no, and the a cursory look at the clientele wouldn’t hurt, e.g., no screaming kids.

About 15 minutes in, we chanced on this brightly lit restaurant that looked promising. There was a sign outside mentioning the chef came from a Michelin restaurant in France – there’s an endorsement certainly worth looking into. Without even glancing at the menu, we decided EatatMilton’s was it for the evening. 


Thinking we could simply share an appetizer, we ordered just one, a type of seafood bruschetta. How surprised were we when it came out. I don’t think it helped that the plate it was on was the size of a car wheel. We quickly ordered a second appetizer, their version of ceviche, which turned out to be on the small side as well.

To be fair, they were both quite good.


We ordered the medium rare Angus steak (which was supposed to be good for 2) and the black rice with squid, and for dessert the panna cotta (my new favorite) and the pavlova. I found the rice a bit too citrusy but everything else was dee-licious. 


Chatted with the friendly French maitre’d and asked him if he was Milton. He said no. The chef’s name is Alain so no idea who Milton is.
Expectations tempered, stomach satisfied. An amazing day in Athens ends with an amazing meal.
Thanks, Milton, whoever you are.

Next up, the Oracle…

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