Strofi Restaurant | Athens

Strofi, listed as one of Athens’ top restaurants, was our first dinner in the city. In our pursuit of ‘ambience’, we’d usually request to sit outdoors, an idea which in retrospect isn’t really good when taking pictures at night. Oh, well.

We didn’t need to go too far from our hotel as it was just south of the Acropolis, pretty much in the same vicinity. It doesn’t happen very often that I get to see an iconic symbol of western civilization while having dinner.


Our meal was introduced with a complimentary aperitif of ouzo, which unfortunately wasn’t my cup of tea. Overall, however, it was a great first dinner, and the incomparable view was hard to beat. Afterwards we walked off the dinner heading in the direction of the Acropolis and then strolled back to the hotel. A beautiful start to a promising Athens adventure.


Next, Kalimera…

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