Salt & Pepper’s Here

The best restaurant in Fira wasn’t looking the part.
It was time for lunch and in the steaming summer heat, we looked for Salt & Pepper along the town’s main road. When we walked in, it was empty – no one there but the owners sitting in a far corner. We sat down and I quickly noticed the kitschy wrought-iron decor. This wasn’t looking so good so far but at least it was air-conditioned.
Moments after we walked in I saw flashes of Sweeney Todd. Our proprietress had on this weird make-up and a somewhat all-too-eager demeanor. I half-expected her to serve us some mystery meat pie and nonchalantly say ‘Enjoy!’

The first sign that we made the right choice was the introductory home-baked bread accompanied by a huge slab of feta cheese covered in olive oil and oregano. Now that was a meal in itself. Having home-baked bread is a luxury anywhere, and I felt so bad we could only finish half of the delicious cheese.

For the appetizer, we ordered the octopus and couldn’t help but compare it to the one we had in Roka. The main difference – this one was grilled whereas the one from Roka was stewed. They were equally tender but the Roka version wins because of the sweet wine sauce.

We ordered the pork steak and pork medallions for entrees, both of which were very well done. The owners then gave us an ice cream cake desert which looked a bit strange – it was literally cake and ice cream blended together – but turned out to be delicious.

The proprietress wasn’t Mrs Lovett and neither did we get served any mystery meat. Despite being a bit over-eager, the owners were quite gracious with our questions about their restaurant, the town, and the island. They even walked us out and bid us goodbye. Will be sure to get me some more Salt & Pepper next time around.

Next, yes we Candouni…

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