Rating: 4 out of 5.

Color me impressed. The Museum of Prehistoric Thera is hugely impressive. It has a vast number of incredibly old artifacts some dating as far back as the Neolithic era. I am constantly amazed that things which existed at a time when humans were still trying to make their way around our planet are still around today. Apart from Stonehenge I can’t ever remember seeing anything man-made that was older.


The museum is located in one of the better parts of town, by the (comparatively) huge, white Orthodox church, which in itself was also impressive but wouldn’t allow photos to be taken of it. Hate those rules.
The first item I saw on display was this statuette from 3000 BCE. That’s over 5000 years old! Looking at it does give credence to theories that aliens walked the earth back then. Prometheus, anyone?

The potteries, bronze artifacts, and wall art date back to the Mycenean Age, around 1500 BCE. Almost 3000 years before Columbus even discovered America.

The artifacts are in amazing condition owing to the fact that they were buried under the eruptions of a nearby volcano. Looking at all these did get me to wonder. Were they a happy people? What did they think was important? Were they anything like me at all? Just more questions to find answers for, I suppose. 

Next, Salt & Pepper’s here…

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