FIRA | Santorini

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Fira is another town on Santorini island. It’s also the capital, and situated next to Oia. This last item unfortunately may be the one thing against it. Whereas Oia is pretty and postcard-perfect at every turn, Fira pales in comparison. It’s fortunate to lie on the caldera ridge where the views can be just as exceptional, but the town itself is less refined, less comely. It feels like there are too many tourists, and not the good kind. Frankly, it looks like the poorer cousin.


Fira is quaint in its own way and I suppose if Oia were out of the picture, Santorini would remain the attractive destination that it is. Already feeling lucky to be in Santorini, I just can’t help but feel luckier to be staying in Oia. No offense, Fira.

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