Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The phrase ‘to hell and back’ could not have been more appropriate. We’d read about Katharos Lounge online and made an effort to somehow get there. Directions from a street poster said the lounge was on the way to Ammoudi Bay which was directly below our hotel. Not having a car, we decided to hoof it. How hard could it be?
We walked the winding road down to the water, past donkeys and donkey manure. However, even if I t was only late morning and yet the sun was already on top of us we could barely cast a shadow
Once we reached the bay, the restaurant was nowhere to be found. Asking around, we were told it was a 15 minute walk on another road. 15 minutes wasn’t too bad, I thought, so off we went. 
That other road turned out to be an uphill highway that had no shade.  Let’s just say it felt like more than 15 minutes. Anthony, ever the good sport was constantly making jokes along the way but I could tell he was was livid!
Once there, it took a few deep breaths and glasses of cold water before we finally settled down and started a much-earned leisurely lunch.


The food turned out really well, the view was exceptional, and the atmosphere a calm oasis. Except for inaccessibility, it was tops all around. Right before we sat down to eat, I asked the waitress if we could call a taxi to be picked up, and she said yes. Two hours later, under the intense, summer, afternoon sun we ended up having to walk back up to our hotel when no taxi would agree to come. 
The road to Katharos is windingly treacherous but the payback at the end is certainly worth it. Just try to figure out a way back. 


Next, Roka…

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