Rating: 5 out of 5.

All good things must come to an end, it was time to leave beautiful Mykonos and onto our next destination. Didn’t need to fly this time – instead we’d be taking a fast ferry from the Old Port. This was exactly what I did before, as well, only last time, the ship was less modern and more like a freighter.
Since the hotel couldn’t give us late check-out and we had time to waste, we hung out at the lobby, surfed online and had a refreshing drink to pass the time.


The hotel was able to track where our ship was so we didn’t need to leave until it was necessary. Welcome to the 21st century.

The best way to approach the island is by ferry, that is, to stand on the bow, see white forms on the caldera ridge from afar appear like snow, only to realize what they actually are as you come closer. So dramatic. Unfortunately this time that wasn’t possible as no one was allowed to go outside the ship, and it didn’t help the windows weren’t that particularly clear. Don’t know if this rule only applied to certain ferries but if it were totally disallowed, it would be a real shame.
Two hours of cruising later, we have arrived.


We are picked up by our transfer service and brought to a parking lot close to the hotel.

I did not envy our bellman at all.

He carried both our bags from the parking lot all the way to the hotel, up and down steps, in the intense heat, about 150 meters away. That’s about 40 kilos heavy! Now that’s a workout.


We made it with enough time to see the popular sunset. We’re staying at Oia town which is the place for it, and there was no need to compete with the crowds and claim space on Kastro. The only place we needed to be was our very own pool area to savor the moment. Quiet and seclusion – now that’s luxury!
The hotel looks just as good as it does online – feeling very fortunate to be staying in such an amazing place. Life can be good sometimes.


Next, just the right shade of Ochre…


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