ANTONINI | Mykonos

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Mykonos town is a maze. Ostensibly, this was to confuse invaders (and now, tourists) once they got on the island. After wandering around and always losing our bearings, if ever there was a restaurant we liked we didn’t know how to get back to it. The street names are in Greek script and navigating by shadows wasn’t paying off. We wanted our first meal in Mykonos town to be in the first restaurant that appealed to us and one that wasn’t on the usual tourist path. No restaurant hawkers please. We walked a bit inwards from the old port and saw Antonini Taverna tucked into a quiet corner.


The stuffed squid and the grilled lobster totally hit the spot – the food was amazing.

The family-owned restaurant’s been around since 1955 and is onto its 3rd generation. Luckily for them, there was a steady stream of customers, compared to the modern Greek restaurant directly across that looked rather sad and empty. It was a total gamble to try Antonini as we’d usually rely on Tripadvisor for recommendations, and this didn’t show up anywhere near the top of the list. I’m certainly glad we did.


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