Rating: 5 out of 5.

We are in Mykonos and staying at the Vencia Hotel.
It’s gorgeous.


The hotel is on a hill overlooking Chora, the main town on the island. We are facing the Aegean Sea as well and could see the sun set from our balcony. The hotel architecture is typically Greek which I love. And the infinity pool is just stunning.


The last time I was in Mykonos was in 2003, we’d rented a villa closer to one of the beaches, Super Paradise I think, which was quite far from Chora town proper. The villa was beautiful and set dramatically in the hills. But back then we had to drive to get anywhere. This time, we were overlooking the town and could simply walk down to it. If there’s a next time, maybe I would stay in the town itself. I’ll let the Fates decide that one.

Next, my own private Mykonos…


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