My Own Private Mykonos

Mykonos hasn’t changed at all from 9 years ago. The waters are still a brilliant blue, the houses are still blindingly white. The sky is still cloudless and the cobbled streets still filled with tourists. I on the other hand have matured a bit and my state of mind a lot more consistent…or at least consistently stable.
The last time I visited, I was still using a film camera that limited my photographs considerably. I was so concerned with not having enough film and having to lug them around that I couldn’t concentrate on catching that moment, getting the money shot. Thank god for the advent of everything digital! Not only can I do as many photos as I want (given memory limitations of course) but I can also scan and delete them when I wanted. Love how technology makes my life so much easier.

How I wish I had an SLR camera to use. I continue to use my trusty Fuji point-and-click camera from when I bought it maybe 8 years ago and it’s become somewhat limiting. Would have loved to shoot night pictures as the nightscenes here are magical. Another thing to leave to the Fates perhaps. (:

Next up, Karavaki…

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