EPHESUS | Turkey

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Another day, another spur of the moment idea…

Ephesus was apparently in Turkey, and only a one-hour plane ride away from Istanbul. We made tour reservations the day before and were picked up at an ungodly 5 a.m. for our flight at 7 to Izmir province, the closest airport to Ephesus. Once we arrived at Izmir Airport, it was still an hour’s drive away to one of the ancient world’s greatest cities. 


Ephesus has historically been occupied since the Neolithic Age — that’s, unimaginably, 6000 BC – and had Amazon women from Mesopotamia as the original inhabitants. As it happened we were part of a tour group led by a quirky woman whose appearance and way of talking reminded me of Dora in the Kimmy Dora movies.


The highlight of the entire archeological site is the reconstructed Library of Celsus, a Roman building named for a Roman senator back in 135 AD. Staggering.


And right before leaving the site, there was still to be seen this huge theatre that could hold 25,000 spectators.


The city back then had a population of 250,000 making it one of the largest populated cities for its time.
A truly amazing place with amazing history. Feeling incredibly lucky to have seen it.

Next, hailing Mary…

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