The final stops in our whirlwind tour of Ephesus are the Archeological Museum and the Temple of Artemis.

Sad to say and for some reason much of the treasures dug up from Ephesus are in European museums, namely in London and Vienna. Why these aren’t returned to their proper place is bewildering, and ought to be considered criminal. It’s practically stealing.The bust of Marcus Aurelius from the 2nd cent AD is in amazing condition.

Sculpture of Eros and Psyche from 1st cent AD
Pottery from 1500 BC

One of the more impressive items on display was a huge statue of an Ephesian version of Artemis, Greek goddess of fertility (among other things). Artemis is twin sister to Apollo and the Greek counterpart to the Roman Diana. The statue had what at first seemed like multiple breasts but were later found to be bull’s testicles (:
And the final stop was once one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Temple of Artemis. Had already been to the pyramids in Egypt so I thought it was cool to scratch off another one on the list. Turns out the site is nothing more than a swamp with a few marble relics – the one remaining column standing is merely a recreation. Somewhat felt like a joke but I guess the intent was to inform more than anything else.

Site of the Temple of Artemis
One final bit of surprise awaited us after this last site tour. Turns out we were going to be deposited at a nearby restaurant where we would have to cool our heels for a couple of hours, at which point a driver would pick us up to bring us to the airport for our 9 p.m. flight. Now THAT was interesting.
And that was then the end of an incredibly looooooooong day. By the time we got back to Istanbul it was midnight!

Thanks, Ephesus. It’s been a blast knowing ya. (:

Next, Topkapi and beyond…

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