There is only one major flea market in the Netherlands and unlike in winter, they’re not always open every weekend during summer.
It’s called the Ij-hallen.

It’s called Ij-hallen because the market’s found along the Ij river, in the northern part of Amsterdam. The area was formerly the NDSM shipyard.

I’d someday want to move to one of those apartments in the background. Very nice!

It’s a sign! Easter Island is calling me (:

We were on the lookout for an historic map to put on the wall of my partner’s office.

I’m tempted to say ‘who would buy this crap?’, but I suppose if they didn’t try to sell it, they’d never know.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find the map we were looking for. After a little over an hour, it was time to call it quits, but not before rewarding ourselves with some hazelnut gelato.

Maybe next time (:

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