Deja Vu

Simply change the country name and this article would more than apply to the Philippines.

As it is, 10% of all Filipinos are found outside their country, having moved out to greener pastures. My own reason for leaving was for personal growth but was largely economic as well – I simply didn’t think I would go anywhere in my chosen field over there. Having finished hotel management, I hoped for a (flourishing) career in the industry. But all I could see was a country mired in high unemployment/underemployment, and a generally institutionalized lack of advancement through merit.  It wasn’t what you knew but who. Pathetic system that bred a pathetic future…for me at least. Despite the challenges that came my way, I’m quite certain if I had stayed that I would not have been able to experience the world as I have at this point. 
C’est la vie, I suppose.

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