More Things I Miss

More things I miss about the good ole USA:

1. Big Box Stores
I would just wander aimlessly around any big box store and consider it therapeutic. I so miss the big boys – Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, Home Depot. Was never a shopaholic so I wasn’t scared I’d buy something I would end up not using. Unfortunately, retail therapy does not exist here. Plus, my partner would not have the patience for it anyway.

Photo courtesy of Target

2. Malls
No such animal – and I always have to ask WHY? Why is there no one place where people can go to buy a Gap shirt, eat at IHOP, watch an Imax movie, then get Haagen Dasz ice cream before heading home? Basic human requirements if you ask me. You get the point.
The closest thing here to a traditional US mall is this one place called Woonmall (pronounced Vone-mall) that is 4 storeys of furniture and bathroom stuff. Why they couldn’t expand on the concept I don’t know. Bizarre.

Photo courtesy of Fashion Center at Pentagon City

3. Good Customer Service
Eating out in a socialist country is definitely not as fun – especially when the waitstaff thinks you’re no better than they! Reason: they don’t tip over here, and that makes all the difference.

4. American TV
Thank god I discovered USTVnow! Can’t get cable TV but regular channels are good enough for me.

5. Cheap Everything
Cheap (and tasty) food, cheap clothes, cheap appliances, and who can forget cheap(er) gas! Of course we have China to thank for that (except for the oil part) but you have to admit it certainly has its benefits. 

Photo courtesy of IHOP

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