Champagne Tastes, Beer Budget

One of my most favorite hobbies and one thing I still find myself inspired by is travel. Ever since my first trip outside the Philippines, I’ve had this desire to see as much of my world as possible. It just peeves me that there is still so much to see and so goddamn expensive to do! What with the Internet, Skype, and social media that make us all so connected, no matter how small our little rock seems at times, it still is a huge space to cover, and it costs a pretty penny to do so.

Number one on my destination wish list is a speck of land in the middle of nowhere – the true meaning of getting away. What I would give to be able to fly all the way to the middle of the Pacific, to Rapa Nui (more popularly, Easter Island) and stay at the Posada de Mike Rapu. Such a incredible hotel in one of the most remote real estate on the planet.

The navel of the world – Easter Island. Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of
Best room on the island! Photo courtesy of
Posada de Mike Rapu Lodge. Photo courtesy of

A UNESCO Heritage site, the island is filled with moai sculptures, huge human figures dating from the 13th century, built by the Rapa Nui. Having watched documentaries about the island just makes my jaw drop for its mysticism and history. 

The lodge is apparently run by Explora which also has equally incredible properties in other parts of South America, namely Patagonia and Atacama.
Just, amazing.

And to top it off, Travel & Leisure rated it the best hotel in the whole continent!


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