DE RIJKSMUSEUM 2012 | Amsterdam

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I found it odd my 35-year old Dutch partner has never been to the Rijksmuseum, Holland’s national museum. In contrast, in my nearly 4 years here, I’d already been 3 times! Thankfully, the stars aligned and we made an impromptu visit together.

Low-flying clouds on a generally sunny day at Museumplein. Looking at the rear view of the Rijksmuseum which is under renovation and scheduled to be finished next year (hopefully?) 

The first surprise of the day was being charged only half-price for entry because we used our ING card to pay. Sweet!

Banquet in Celebration of the Treaty of Munster by van de Helst. Portrait of militiamen that greets visitors at the Dutch Republic room showcasing the Golden Age of the then republic.

In previous visits, the staff made it clear there was no way to take pictures inside. Checking the museum web site beforehand, it still stated that photography was not allowed. However when we got there and saw several people taking photos, it appears they’ve relaxed that rule. Woohoo!

Rembrandt’s Portrait of Johannes Wtenbogaert
Rembrandt’s The Jewish Bride
Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait as the Apostle Paul. He was 55 years old at the time
Rembrandt’s portrait of militiamen The Night Watch, the largest painting he’s ever made and the best known painting in the museum’s collection

Looking forward to 2013 when the entire complex has been renovated in all its Dutch glory.


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