You can’t take a picture of this…it’s already gone

I turned 39 today. What would be the soundtrack of my life at this point?

It was a good, productive day. It started off with a one-hour meeting at work – a meeting that turned out to be more revealing than expected.
My boss quit.
He either quit or was fired, either way he was nowhere at the meeting that he called for three days before. Maybe I’ll write about it one of these days so allow me to go back to the topic at hand…me. (In the meantime let me just say “you’re a good man, Monsieur, better than most and I wish you only the best”.)

For the rest of the day I was in a daze so I decided to use less of my brain and more of my brawn. I went to the gym.

Good work-out, check.

Onto Dupont Circle to chill with my laptop. The usually reliable Starbucks outdoor patio wasn’t so reliable this time – it was packed. Also, I wasn’t feeling the comfort the drink in my hand normally offered. A little over an hour later I moved on and sought counsel from a colleague at work. I called and asked if she knew the events of earlier today ahead of everyone else. She was unaware as all of us, she said, but was not surprised. She was headed home in a few minutes and would do a couple of errands, but if I wanted to we could grab some dinner. I thought about it for a second and said yes. I wasn’t sure about spending the entire night talking shop but I had no pressing plans anyway. Did I say it was my birthday?

Sushi Taro was the perfect place, at the perfect time. We were seated quickly, at the bar no less, and the food proved fantastic as always. Colleague and I as expected talked about work but it felt good being out, feeling alive, being with everyone else in the city.

We walked over to Connecticut Avenue for Larry’s ice cream – something I usually avoid very easily but surely if one can’t indulge on a birthday…!

Rocky Road. Two scoops.

We sat by the fountain on the circle and talked about DC, work, moving to another country, etc. It turned out to be a good day, even a great day. My regular circle of friends was nowhere around that day (no worries, Ron) but then again I had no expectations. London texted, Rotterdam called. So did California, several times. Dubai greeted me with an online card. At different times during the day I heard from the people that mattered in my life. It was a good day, even a beautiful day, with a little bit of sadness. Sadness from change… and from real friends being far away.

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