One Year Later

My thanks to dear, dear Ellen. Reading her recently-created blog made me realize I had begun one myself, and lo and behold, it was nearly a year ago that I last visited it. Has anything changed in the interim? Where do I begin….

At the start of August this year, I tendered my resignation. I came into work at my usual 8am already decided on writing my Dear John letter to the WP. It was to be effective the 31st of August, the final Friday of the last week of the month. (In retrospect, I wish I had dated it September 3 instead so I would’ve gotten paid for that holiday weekend, but August 31 seemed more dramatic. Oh, well.)

I have absolutely no regrets.

What a relief it was to realize I no longer had to endure the unchanging landscape, the incessant ringing in my ear of the monotony of my career. My Groundhog Days were over. The hotel business is good if you have no lofty ambitions of making the world a better place. However, if one were of a particularly idealistic mindset, each day that passes is another nail in the coffin of one’s sanity. As it was, I had become an adept carpenter.

It’s now December 7, more than three months since I quit, and I have to admit I am feeling the urgency of having to sustain myself financially. I need to find a job soon. Here’s hoping my next blog reads more successfully.

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